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Explore a Comprehensive Range of Cutting-Edge Welding Solutions at Century Equipment, Dubai. Discover Top-Quality Welding Equipment, Accessories, Consumables, and Safety Products, meticulously selected from leading manufacturers. Serving diverse industries such as steel fabrication, shipbuilding, EPC, oil and gas services, MEP, and aluminium construction. Trusted by renowned names in the region, our offerings empower your projects with precision and reliability. Visit our showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi or browse online for a curated collection that meets the highest standards. Your source for excellence in welding technology, now with global reach from our central logistics center in AL Qouz.

At Century Equipment, we stand as the foremost choice for all your welding needs, backed by over four decades of expertise since our establishment in Dubai in 1980. Our commitment to excellence has made us the leading distributors of welding equipment, accessories, consumables, and safety products in the region.

When you choose Century Equipment, you’re not just choosing a supplier; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to empowering your success through premium products, expert support, and unwavering reliability. Experience the Century Equipment difference today.

Choose Century Equipment: Your Trusted Partner in Welding Solutions

Providing a seamless welding experience, where quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction are at the forefront.

Unrivaled Expertise

With decades of experience in the welding industry, we bring unparalleled knowledge and understanding to meet your unique requirements.

Extensive Product Range

From steel fabrication to shipbuilding, EPC projects to oil and gas services, MEP installations to aluminum construction, we offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality products suited for diverse applications.

Trusted Partnerships

Representing leading manufacturers and brands approved by the welding industry, we ensure that you receive products of the highest standards, recognized for their reliability and performance.

Exceptional Service

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our personalized service approach. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we prioritize your needs and strive to exceed your expectations at every step.

Strategic Presence

With three showrooms across the UAE and a central logistics center in AL Qouz, we have a robust infrastructure that enables us to serve local, regional, and international markets efficiently.

Reputed Clientele

Counting some of the most esteemed names in the region among our satisfied customers, we have earned a reputation for excellence and trustworthiness.

From Leading Manufacturers :

Established in 1951, Ador (formerly, Advani-Oerlikon) is one of the leading welding companies in India, manufacturing high-quality welding equipment, consumables, and welding automation solutions. Additionally, Ador has been in the Flares & Process Equipment Division for more than 30+ years.

Ador has played a significant role during the post-independence industrialization in India and takes immense pride in its heritage.

With a presence across 40+ countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, Ador maintains a robust sales and distribution network across the globe and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of industries including defense, shipbuilding, oil and gas, railways, infrastructure, nuclear energy, power and automotive sectors.

WIM, with a history dating back to 1972, is a renowned manufacturer of Welding and Cutting equipment, known for its high-quality, user-friendly, and technologically advanced products. The welding equipment offered by WIM India is renowned for its outstanding productivity, reliability, and quality, making it a preferred choice among customers.

Drawing on the strengths of both WIM and Centroid Group, WIM India offers thoroughly researched, tested, and customized welding solutions that cater to the specific requirements of customers. With a team of qualified professionals and a strong focus on end-to-end solutions, WIM India is dedicated to providing state of the art  welding solutions. The Indo-Malaysian joint venture allows for the combination of the best practices, technologies, and resources from both countries, resulting in innovative and high-quality welding solutions.

Discover top-quality electrode holders sourced from Laser Company in Asansol, West Bengal, exclusively at Century Equipment. Renowned for their precision engineering and durability, these electrode holders are essential tools for welding professionals across diverse industries. Explore our extensive range of welding equipment and accessories, meticulously selected to meet the exacting standards of steel fabrication, shipbuilding, oil and gas services, MEP, and aluminum construction sectors. Trust Century Equipment for superior products and unparalleled service as your premier distributor in the UAE and beyond.

Established in London in 1973 and now located in new premises in the Manchester area, our Company is focused in engineering and manufacturing a wide range of Portable Quivers, Keeping/Baking Rod Ovens and Flux Ovens.

Our large range of Welding Ovens covers all requirements and applications, with ovens ranging in capacity from 7 to 650 kg of welding rods. Our experience and knowledge allows us to engineer and manufacture bespoke ovens to cater for all special requirements on demand.

We can also supply unbranded/personalised Rod and Flux Ovens with customer labels if required.

We hold a large stock of most items in our range, enabling quick lead times and customer satisfaction. Most of our internal Engineering and Manufacturing processes are performed ‘in house’ in accordance to ISO 9001.

Our philosophy is to offer the best quality on the market, our 3D design techniques and state of the art manufacturing aim to provide well engineered solutions to all your welding needs. All of our Welding Ovens are Made in UK and CE marked.

EWS specializes in the production of high-quality welding torches. In business for many decades, our company has acquired unrivaled know-how in welding technology. We offer high-end solutions for a wide range of industrial welding applications – including personal protective equipment. We manufacture welding equipment and devise customized solutions based on mature German and US torch technology. All products of our key brands MIGZONE, TIGZONE and PLASMAZONE are manufactured in Germany from top-quality components sourced in Europe. EWS products are sold all over the world through a network of specialized dealers. We are the sole distributor of Rhino Protection PPE made in Germany, Europe and the USA. Customers in many industries all over the world rely on EWS products and solutions.

‘SUPERFLEX’ is a premium grade copper welding cable which offers flexibility over a wide range of environmental conditions and performance benefits over welding cables previously available to the welding industry.

TIGZONE stands for quality in TIG welding equipment. TIG torches from EWS enable welders to machine various metals with precision and ease. Whether you work with steel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, copper or light metals such as aluminum – TIGZONE TIG torches are the ideal tools to produce high-precision exposed welds. Our air-cooled TIGZONE 300AMP sets the benchmark for TIG torches. As our TIGZONE product range includes a large number of accessories, welders can buy all their TIG equipment from a single supplier. Our TIG torch range covers a wide amp range from 80 to 500 amps.

We are Singapore’s leading manufacturer and supplier of TIG/MIG/Plasma Welding Torches and Consumables, Tungsten Electrodes, Welding Accessories & Safety Products.
Our bulk purchases with huge inventories enable us to offer competitive prices to our distributors and thereby giving them a selling edge in their respective markets. Our high quality Truweld® products are exported to leading Welding distributors worldwide.

Tweco is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of MIG welding guns and consumable parts for both manual and precision robotic welding applications.

Tweco introduced the world to the modern MIG gun Cablehoz® design at the 1969 AWS Welding Show. It remains the industry standard, and so does Tweco.

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